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... of your T4 during its first 12 weeks of development. This is the period that the fetus is developing its brain, essential organs, and thyroid. ... (65 replies)
... test my FREE T4 again. ... (1 replies)
... I think what is going on now is that you are taking too much Synthroid. ... (7 replies)

... My Free T3 is 2. ... (12 replies)
... Lab tests don't mean much unless you don't feel well and tests results are way out of range, meaning too high or too low . You should request to have your Free T3 level checked. ... (2 replies)
... Im new to the group and in need of some info. Everything i am reading on the internet regarding this is saying the opposite of what my endo just told me. I have lupus but I also have developed a lot of symptoms of an over active thyroid which are getting much worse. ... (2 replies)
... ny miles I run a day or how many salads I eat I keep gaining weight. Both sets of test were taken at the same time of day, if that matters. The endo I am seeing does not want to treat since the TSH is normal and the others are low but normal. ... (9 replies)
... Anyway, new blood work just in after 6 weeks on straight t4 but don't go back to endo til mid June. ... (0 replies)
... leep, so I went back to the doctor to discuss options. I was told by a couple of people who have hypothyroidism, that Armour was tolerated much better, and that T3 is often also needed in addition to T4, so I asked if I could try Armour, and my doc agreed and prescribed a very low starting dose of 15mg. ... (6 replies)
... Since my hysterectomy I have had a heck of a time with both hrt and thyroid levels and trying to figure out what symptoms are coming from what. ... (4 replies)
... TSH stands for thyroid stimulating hormone. It is not a thyroid hormone but a pituitary response and basically tells what it thinks your thyroid is doing. Once on treatment of meds the TSH often needs to be supressed or below range to get the free levels where you will feel well. ... (6 replies)
... Your thyroid produces too much T3 and that causes the TSH to drop and you go hyper. ... (2 replies)
... I just see thyroglobulin here. You will also need a free T3 and free T4 done as well as vitamin B12 and ferritin levels. ... (4 replies)
... Also as of the 14th of October my free T4 is 1.45 in a reference range of 0.38 to 1.64 and my free T3 is 3.66 in a reference range of 2.39 to 6. ... (65 replies)
... I have no idea, but mine does the same thing! It's sooooooo irritating! ... (2 replies)
... what does 0.00 TSH, high T3 and low T4 mean? ... (2 replies)
... We don't look at TSH to evaluate thyroid function - it can give *some* indication as to what's going on with the thyroid but, much better to look at the actual thyroid hormone levels. TSH levels can change in the body's attempts to maintain stable thyroid hormone levels so, even though your level dropped, the only thing it's telling us is that you *might* be hyperthyroid. ... (2 replies)
... He said the t4 is low because the nodule is sending some messages to the brain.... ... (2 replies)
... After that I got better and almost felt normal for about 3 and half months and then I started to develop what I thought was insomnia... ... (65 replies)
... TSH is known as thyroid stimulating hormone. It is a pituitary hormone that is put out to tell the thryoid to produce more T4 and T3. The less T3 that is in your blood, the more TSH is produced. ... (3 replies)

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