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So this is strange, and I've found nothing searching the internet.

A few weeks ago I had jaw arthroscopy on both sides following years of jaw pain & slipped discs (2nd surgery). A few days after the surgery I noticed that inside my ear (on my worse side) that I was HEARING my heart beat pulse within my ear. Not ringing, but the actual pulse from my beating heart, inside my ear... which varies all between a whoosh-whoosh, dunk-dunk, squeak-squeak, sometimes like a ringing alarm, and it is constantly changing and varying frequencies (when my heart is really pumping hard, the frequency is higher - the frequency then sounds like a squealing cat!) . This has happened every day since and it's noticeable even when I'm not in silence. I have had no other symptoms and my balance has not changed.

When I told the surgeon that I have been hearing my heartbeat pulse inside my ear since the surgery he said he had read of cases where this has happened. He looked into the ear with an otoscope and also listened with a stethoscope by placing it just in front of my ear. After confirming that he could hear the pulse with the stethoscope he said he may have accidentally nicked the nearby artery during the surgery and it could be easily fixed by embolizing it. (Note: He is a top US surgeon)

.. If it was nicked wouldn't I be BLEEDING (TO DEATH?)

He is sending me for a CT Angiography of head, w/ and without IV contrast, noted with "r/o AV Malformation Temporal Artery"

After researching online I haven't found anything like this, neither the pulse in ear nor the nicked artery having any connection to TMJ surgery. Has anybody heard of anything of this happening (even on other areas of the body) where it isn't a life threatening manner?

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