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I've been having some sort of issue for a few years now with the right jaw. I'm not sure what the exact problem is anymore since I've tried so many different treatments but nothing has worked. I've been made 3 different night guards & I feel like wearing any of them makes my problem worse. I've been to dentists, an oral surgeon, to my regular doctor & had an X-Ray & MRI done on my TMJ joints & they both came back completely normal. I'll try to explain my problem the best way I can. So, I guess the best way to explain it is on the right side of my jaw right in front of the ear it just feels really loose & even when I touch my tragus or ear sometimes I hear crackling or crunching noises. Also, I hear clicking sounds on my right side, but sometimes it goes into a position where there's no clicking sounds, like it goes into a socket or something but when I move my right jawline it curves & feels loose & it'll crack out of place than I hear the clicking sounds all over again. The thing that's really weird is I rarely get any pain except for when I'm eating sometimes in the muscle that's a few inches directly across from my ear. I have no idea what the exact problem is anymore & what to do about it. I also sometimes feel like the inside of my ear is really itchy & also get a burning type of sensation in my ear & it seems like it affects my nerves & brain. I'm starting to get really worried about what exactly is going on anymore & what to do about it.

Edit: Also want to add that when I tilt my head down I hear these weird crackling sounds in my right ear as well.

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