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Back in June this year I started writing about my experience with a dentist and was asking for advice with a crown/bridge dental treatment.
My suspicious of an ill-fitting crown/bridge were confirmed about a month ago (August) when the crown was removed. Only a day after it was removed, I started having all the symptoms associated to TMD.
Toothache, sore jaw, jaw joint, cheek bones, temples pain, dizziness, ear clogging, scalded sensation in palate, agitation, palpitations. The pain also irradiated to other parts of my body, neck, shoulder, needles on palms of hands, muscular spasms in my legs, (no eye pain).
The first three weeks were painfully intense. I never heard of TMJ before and was quite scared. Now (a month after) some of the symptoms have started dissipating. My GP was unable to help, told me to go to a dentist, and the new dentist hasn't said much to me about it.
I still have some pulling sensation on the left side of my face, temples, sinus (occasionally), throat, throbing toothache, cracking/grating noises on neck, clicking jaw (right side ), occasional dizziness. No more migrains. I am feeling better than two weeks ago, but I am still worried the symptoms may come back. I do not know anybody who has experienced anything similar that's why I am trying to do as much research online. So please, please write. Are these symptoms temporary? Has anybody experience anything similar?

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