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I have severe degenerative changes on both joints and conservative treatments have failed. I am scheduled for arthroplasty in late September. Given that my bite is reduced to less than 15 mm, I am actually relieved to have this scheduled. Because there is so much going on, the surgeons I consulted agreed that open joint surgery is preferred to an arthroscopic procedure. I will be having fat from my abdomen placed in the joints because it is bone on bone now and the discs are trashed.

Any suggestions of how best to prepare for the procedure? If you have been through it, I would love to know how long it took you to recover. I teach and I am hoping not to miss too many days.

I have posted my MRI results below. The bite has gotten worse since this time. The CT scan was also pretty bad.


TECHNIQUE: Multi-planar, multi-sequence MRI of the bilateral temporomandibular joints without contrast.


RIGHT TMJ: There is complete anterior dislocation of severely attenuated meniscal tissue in the closed mouth resting position. There are degenerative changes of the condyle which is flattened and sclerotic. There is also subchondral cyst formation within the articular eminence. Mildly limited range of motion is present. There is no recapture of the meniscal tissue with forward translation.

LEFT TMJ: There is an effusion within the left temporomandibular joint space. There is dislocation of the meniscal tissue in the closed mouth resting position. Degenerative changes of the joint are present with flattening of the condyle and mild sclerosis of the mandibular fossa. Limited range of motion is present. There is no recapture with forward translation.

IMPRESSION: Severe degenerative changes of both temporomandibular joints. There is an effusion on the left. There is dislocation of both menisci relative to the condyles.

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