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I've been having constant headaches for 4 months. My dentist gave me a hard acrylic splint which I think I was chewing on it in the night- and made me worse! So I stopped wearing it a month and a half ago.

Today I had a breakdown . I can't take any medication because I am pregnant. I have headaches in my temples behind my eye and feels like it's in my sinuses. I have an appointment with a Tmj specialist in about a month. I have jaw popping , not Really jaw pain but chronic tightness in my face and huge masseters knots which dry needling doesn't even seem to help. I've used heat ice physical therapy... Everything I've tried hasn't worked. Any advice? I know I have a clenching problem but I've been working on it. I started wearing my retainer at night again- it somewhat stops me from clenching. My dentist suggested Botox which I don't really want and can't get because I'm pregnant.

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