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In order to get TMJD symptoms under control, you need to treat the muscular issues as well as the bite issues.

I found a meditation/relaxation CD made specifically to help relax the TMJ to be helpful some. Supplements to help the body in healing are important. It was recommended that I take calcium, magnesium, Vitamin D, etc... Heat helps at times. On really bad nights, I take a muscle relaxer to help reduce the pain so I could sleep. My biggest help though has been physical therapy. They do provide me with multiple exercises to work my small muscles in the face/jaw/neck. I also do a lot of work on posture and my shoulders since posture is often thrown off with TMJD issues. Manual therapy is my biggest help at those sessions though. They work to address the myofascial pain and loosen the trigger points involved. Again, I work on the jaw/neck/shoulders. Gentle manual work, trigger point work, and dry needling have significantly helped, but take repeated and frequent visits. I also get trigger point injections in my neck and shoulders. Some of the muscles that go from the jaw into the neck and upper shoulder are ones that knot up for me. With the trigger point releases, I have found that oral releases help in addition to the outer ones.

I also worked with a holistic dentist who had significant training in treating TMJD. I found that some dentists actually make things worse rather than better because they don't look at the impact on the whole body.

All of that said, make sure you stay away from hard chewy foods and cut things like meat into small pieces to make it easier on the jaw.

TMJD is not covered by my medical or dental insurance so the process was slow and long for me due to expenses. I was able to have medical treatments though for the myofascial pain and cervicalgia that were connected to my TMJD issues.

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