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I have right side traumatic TMJD and years ago I found sleeping mainly on my right side alleviates a lot of my TMJ pain and keeps my jaw from locking. I also sleep on a thin futon and use a rolled towel under my neck (between my shoulder and head) and the combination of good posture and gravity working in my favor has made my TMJ problems a lot more bearable.

I've had TMJD for 10+ years (I received a blow to the TMJ as a kid and it developed into something nightmarish a few years later) and a lot of my problems I corrected after learning tricks in physical therapy and through trial and error. However, my jaw still opened asymmetrically and some days were worse than others in terms of chronic pain and headaches. Trying to chew symmetrically and keep even jaw posture is also very difficult if you already have TMJD, and I didn't know if I could ever reverse my condition.

Recently I took up the violin (not with the intention of correcting my TMJD), and I noticed my jaw has started to function better mechanically, especially after I practice! I read that playing the violin can cause TMJD on the left side, but since mine is on the right side it seems to be counteracting it! It's been forever since I've opened my jaw like it's supposed to, and I'm very excited.

I was wondering if anyone has had success in mostly or fully reversing their TMJD by habitually providing directional pressure on one side of their jaw? I also take supplements that are good for TMJ and I've tried many methods for alleviating pain, but I would like to know if this method has been a permanent solution for anyone, or if you have a more recommended strategy, like surgery or some new jaw exercise. Thanks!

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