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I am new to this board but not to TMJ problems. I was first diagnosed many years ago. I have worn a mouth guard for many years. I have had arthrocentesis about 15 years ago. I have gotten progressively worse. I had bilateral arthroscopic TMJ surgery last September. Not much help.

I can only open my mouth about 19 cm. 40 is what they like. My dentists and hygienists cannot get well into my mouth to do what needs to be done.

And the PAIN. Well, as I am sure that all of you can attest, the pain has gotten progressively worse. MRIs show bone on bone, no cartilage left. And all sorts of arthritis. I am 64.

So now I am scheduled for bilateral total TMJ joint replacement in New Orleans on 9/10.

Has anybody else gone through this? I have looked into it ... scary stuff but it looks doable!
How was your surgery? I hope it went well!
Actually it was postponed till 12/19. Thanks for asking!!
I will be curious to hear how the surgery goes. I wish you all the best!

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