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Hi Cat,

In regard to the sealant/filling scam. This is how it works(I've learned the hard way), but check that your dentist is upfront about this because mine was not and that's why my teeth were cut very imprecisely.

The air abrasion machine is a powder spray that cuts the tooth just like a drill. It is used to correct enamel imperfections(blotches,chips, what have you) and for "shallow" cavities. Air abrasion can be used for a sealant(where a coating is just put on the surface of the tooth and NO ENAMEL or DENTIN is removed and the tooth structure remains the same). BUt ask your dentist to be sure when he puts the sealant on that he is leaving your tooth ALONE(NO ENAMEL OR DENTIN REMOVAL). A sealant can be put on without an air abrasion machine. THe dentist can use a brush with the coating.

WIth the air abrasion machine sealant/filling scam the dentist can say "OH I don't know how deep I will have to go to remove the early decay I see"(it can just be brown on the fissures who knows what it really is)". By how deep it means how much he has to remove. If they go below the enamel into the dentin it is defined as a FILLING. That'S where the abuse comes in FOR THE MONEY. The dentist deliberately cuts more into the tooth to bill for the more expensive filling procedure when in fact only a sealant is needed. THE rule of good dentistry is "DON"T CUT A TOOTH UNTIL ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY(LIKE BIG CAVITIES THAT SHOW ON X-RAYS".

Check with your doctor exactly what equipment he will be using on your tooth, what will be put on it, and what if anything(enamel or dentin) will be removed.


P.S. todays a bad TMJ(I have neck pain, jaw discomfort, ear popping).

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