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To ALL Message Board Members,
Hello, I am happy I have found you and hope that you will all take the time to help me. Please except my Thanks in advance just for reading my post. If you are short on time and unable to read my story, please skip to my questions and give me some answers if you can.

ALmost 2 years ago I was injured in an auto accident. I was proceeding through an intersection and a man coming from the opposite direction made a left turn into my path and the front of his truck struck my car directly on the drivers side where I was seated and driving.
I'm currently in the process of putting together my case to his insurance company for payment for my injuries and other accident related expenses.
Immedietly after the accident at the hospital my jaw was locking and popping. It had never done this before, infact my regular dentist does a TMJ screening at each and every regular check-up and cleaning. He has never found any evidence of a problem and I have never complained of one.
Initially I was unable and advised not to persue treatment. I was pregnant at the time of my accident and my OB/GYN wanted to focus 100% on getting through the last few months of pregnancy and having a healthy baby. Luckily that happened and my baby was fine.
My jaw problem continued as well as many other problems, unassociated as well as associated. I had many symptoms but my Doctor never equated most of them with the TMJ. I have since learned many things and have almost all the possible symptoms.
Currently I am recieving treatment with a moulth splint. Prior to the moulth splint I had an oral device that was used to prepare for the splint treatment.
So far I feel the Splint is not working. My jaw is out of place all the time. I'm still experiencing headaches, migraines, neck pain, shoulder pain, upper back pain, teeth pain, eye pain, ear pain, ringing in the ears as well as popping, grinding and limited motion. I can't open my moulth more than half way. I have many other symptoms that I feel are related as well. I'm sure all of you with your experiences know all of these symptoms far too well.
Now that I've shared my basic story and you've taken the time to get an idea of my situation (thankyou!), I have many questions and your responses will help me tremendously!

My orthodontists treatments (moulth device and splint) have cost me over $4,000. My orthodontist, as all others can not garrentee results and has informed me that after this splint treatment he feels the only other treatment option available for my condition would be surgery. However, he does not perform surgery, rarely reccomends it and can't tell me what it costs. I have called the only surgeon in town that I've found who does this surgery but he won't give me any information without a consultation first. That would be fine except that my time is limited in dealing with this. I need some information quickly to make some important decisions. If you are unable to answer all my questions due to time issues, please answer the first few for me, Thankyou again!

For those who have consulted surgery or have had it, what was the total cost without insurance payment?

My next questions is regarding treatment. For those who have gone through the Splint treatment and didn't find relief, what were your other treatment options before surgery?

Has anyone found splint treatment to be effective?

Did you have to move on to other treatments after using a splint?

Has anyone made a full recovery?

Do you feel this is a permanent condition that you will be suffering from indefinately?

If you have the time and don't mind could you all possibly include in your post a list of the treatments you've tried or are currently undergoing and an estimate of what the total cost of all treatment has been thus far?

What future treatments do you anticipate?

What lifestyle changes have you made or found useful in coping with this condition?

Any other information you feel to be useful for me is welcomed! I have searched through some past postings and checked out posted links to some very informative sites. However I still feel confused, not about the condition itself but the treatments, financial costs and my future with TMJ.
Thankyou all for your help and support!

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