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I'm french and TMJD is not a very well known condition in France. I'm 34 and I first started to feel an itch in my left ear during a week, it started at night, then I started to hear a high pitched hissing in sound, and then a feeling of pressure in my ear that increased until I lost my balance for 2 days. My left eustachian tube felt blocked then I got better because I was given five days of tanganil (french antidizziness drug and medrol). It's been 3 months now. I still have the hissing, ringing sound (less though but it bothers me really at night). Now my left eustachian tube makes weird loud crackelling noises every time I swallow (it didn't use to), I still have the itch, it even started in the right ear now, and I've quick needle like pain in my ear that goes to my jaw or to my teeth. The ENT I saw is sure that there is no infection what so ever. My audio tests are normal, no hearing loss. My dentist says I have wonderfull teeth and a good bite. He did take a wisdom tooth out 3 years ago on my right side because it was sliding down but not the one on the left because this one was being held in place by the teeth beneath. I only had wisdom tooth on the top. My jaw joints crack every time I open my mouth. But I can still open it wide. I just feel an inner pulling tightness along my eustachian tubes.The itch also goes down a bit to the top side of my throat, but I can't reach it. I went to see a specialist who told me that I probably have a misplaced disc of the joint but that tonnes of people had this condition without it being pathological. He did make me take an X-ray that showed no signs of arthrosis. He did say though that my jaws where not symetrical ( but who is?). Now I'm aware that I went through a lot of stress lately and I'm a clencher. All the information I found on tmjd where on american sites. Do you think I'm having this condition?
I've been proposed to wear splints to relax my jaw but I 'm afraid of changing my bite and getting even more problems. NTI doesn't exist in france. My doctor precribed me RIVOTRIL ( clonazepam) at very little dosage because it's a muscle relaxant.
Now I wonder if any of you have the itch symptoms and the high pitched hissing sound? Could all this be related to muscle spasms? What advice would you give me. The specialist told me anyway that they never perform surgery on misplaced discs but he was willing to prescribe an IRM to show me is was sure about it being misplaced.All he said was that I had to relaxxx!!!!
Any of you had success with acupuncture and ostéopathie?
Thanks for reading and any advices.


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