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Hi everyone!! I useto come to this board a while ago but i guess am new again, lol... Has anyone thought about what might increase or cause their pain to be so severe or for their teeth to wear down so much. Well, i just might have an answer for some of you.

Two years ago I woke in the am to get ready for work with my mouth locked in an open position. I couldn't stand the pain and was rushed to see a maxi-facial oral specialist. When i got to his office I found out that i had a dislocated jaw joint on my left side and severely warn discs. TMJ really hit me hard. The funny part is that I never had this disease in my whole life until 5 months after taking the antidepressant paxil (this was the day i woke with my jaw dislocated).
Well, it's been two years, 2 surgeries later due to disapearance of discs (i guess they were warn down to nothing), 2 joint flushes, repairs, replacements, splints and everything else that goes with it. I had no idea what had caused this to happen to me until my surgeries were already done.
The more that time went on I started to notice pain in my back teeth (molars). Come to find out I was clenching my teeth so bad to the point of where my molars were cracking. Well, constant replace and repair of those fine but now my teeth are all just warn from grinding.
My doctors were actually pretty smart to read information i had given them. See what this all boils down to is my antidepressant paxil. Paxil caused me to grind and clench so bad that i totally destroied my jaw joints, teeth and facial figure. And i know your all saying well just get off paxil. The problem is i can't because i am addicted and can't handle the withdraws. So the longer i am on paxil the more i cannot be helped........
Just wanted to find out if anyone else might be with me... and remember there is always a reason behind what is happening to you, it's just up to you to find that reason.
God bless you all and may all our pain eventually subside and are need for narcotics no longer exist.

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