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Re: Tongue Problems
Dec 11, 2002
Honestly, I have Gerd too...Unbelievable...

My story goes as follows I have degenerative arthritis in my neck and I am pretty sure its in my lower spine also..I have been having pain in my back with muscle spasms that radiate into my shoulders...needless to say just trying to mop the floor is a task. A few months ago, I was standing at the sink eating a banana and my whole mouth got so tired and my tongue just kind of went numb and tired..but then it was fine. It didn't happen again..but a few days later I had the most horrible pain in my jaw..My jaw has always popped,clicked and grind..LOL,,but I have never had pain as this..The pain went away after a few days, but now every time I eat its like my whole face and cheeks get so tired. I just want to keep the same expression and it won't be so tired. My tongue gets so tired and some times numb.. the numbness will go away once I stop using it..My neurologist sent me for a brain, vessel and cartoid artery mri...but all worst pops up ALS MS etc...and yes I do have speech problems..because it just seems that some of my muscles in my tongue won't form the sounds right..I don't know how to explain it,but sort of like novacaine.if that makes sense.

I do have constant sinus problems and in the past 2 years have had 10 ear infections..with the latest being now and with both ears..
I also have the burning mouth and tongue..It drives me crazy...but the dr said I am severly anemic and that is I guess a reason...some days I feel as though I am going crazy!!!
How long has this been going on for you?

thanks for the response,,,
Re: Tongue Problems
May 23, 2011
[QUOTE=Robert Tongue;4703648]No I'am still being treated by my Dentist with a night guard, it's been a couple of weeks and I think it's starting to help.Also taking muscle relaxers at bed time & GERD med's before dinner.Doctors think it's TMJ / TMD.Have you been checked up yet?[/QUOTE]

I have all the same trouble - jaw pain, tired, numb, burning tongue. I've seen every doctor and now I'm seeing a tmj specialist. Have you had any luck?

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