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HI & welcome,
Pressure on a tooth, especially "one" taking the "brunt" when you bite down can cause unbelievable pain.
The pain could be totally from the tooth. It may be too high. You may be "hitting" on it when you bite down. This can cause terrible pain until you get the tooth "shaved down" or aligned with your other teeth.
Anytime you have some kind of change made in your teeth, there is the possibility of it not fitting just right.

This can also cause your bite to deviate a little. This would cause muscle spasms, and with the pain from extra pressure on the tooth, it would be a very painful situation.

You've caught this problem early and if you are experiencing TMJ symtoms, it's entirely possible that it will be transient and not be a lifelong problem.

The most important thing is to go back to the Dentist, tell him the tooth is "HURTING" and he needs to check your bite. All they have to do is use a type of colored paper to see where you are hitting when you bite down. The crown can be adjusted very easily.
If that turns out to be the problem, after the tooth is "the right height" the pain should ease up. Moist heat is extremely effective for muscle pain.

Tmj symtoms are not always permanent. If you get to the problem early, you can save yourself a life-time of misery.

I'm an old-pro with this happening. My bite changes a lot, I've got a mouthful of bridgework and any dental procedure can cause problems for me. Sometimes, even if you are familiar with this happening, it takes more than one time with the Dentist to get everything lined up or adjusted.

Note: My Dentist does not charge to adjust a new crown or bridge. He works with you until it's comfortable.

Good Luck & please go as soon as possible to have this checked,

Cymy Sue

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