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I'm looking to hear from all of you on this...I don't know where to start, where to go from here. I am in pain 24/7. It never stops. What used to wax/wane in intensity is now constantly with me. Most days it feels like my head is going thru a meat grinder and I just puke for days. Sorry to be so graphic on that.

It's all right sided pain. Never really on the left.

Somedays it's a dull crushing pain, others it's lancing and sharp, sometimes it's throbbing but it's always with me. Some days it's just a vague feeling of a pulling/spasm/numbness. But it's always there. Just wears a different face every single day.

I feel it in front of my right ear, behind the ear, back of my head and in my face.

My last set of xrays weren't great. My left TMJ sits in place like it's supposed to, nothing grossly abnormal. The right, that sucker is not even close to being in place. There is some good interspace but it's not in there at all. It is my right side that is so painful and where my symptoms are the worst.

Without the upper right molars, everything is off.

When I close my mouth or try and find my bite here is what happens:
my bottom teeth go behind the front ones in some places and the rest is all open bite with some cross bite tossed in. Basically, my bite is non existant. Period.

My last splint was much more than a mouthfull. It covered my top teeth and was painful to wear. It made me clench and grind my teeth even worse.

I do ice packs, heat, massage, I don't eat hard or crunchy food. I chop everything up and can only chew on my left side. I sleep propped up or on my back.

I'm doing everything I know to do and yet, nothing seems to work.

I have to get relief somehow. The pressure is just intense.

What's best? What helps the most?

Where is a good place to start and is there anything I should be doing that I'm not?

I can't function like this.

My internist said I have bad depression. I said well duh..doc, I'm in pain all the time and they can't *fix* it.

Any words of wisdom for me on this?

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