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i'm new to this group too! my symptoms are not quite as serious as some talked about here but they tend to be pretty disruptful. for instance, right now i sit here after my lunch with an annoying popping noise in my right ear. does anybody know what i'm talking about? when it first started happening, i thought there was seriously something wrong with my brain. now it just seems to come and go as it pleases. i saw an ENT doctor and he said my ears are fine. does this sound like a TMJ symptom?

glad to have found you guys!
The lump in your throat is definitely related to neck tension and shortening of the major muscle groups that extend down the side of your neck and attach onto your upper rib cage. These muscles (groups) are not functioning properly and give you the sensation of the lump in the throat and swallowing difficultis.. I know this because I have the same problems and my superb physio has idnetified these muscle problems and neck tension.

This a TMJ related problem as you have correctly assumed.

The antidote is neck stretching exercises but these exericises must be done correctly with your spine/posture upright and aligned, and the neck not compensating (posture) in any way to allow you to achieve the stretch. The best bet is not to rely on internet pages outlining these streches but to see a physio who has experience dealing with TMJ and can guide you through the exercises to see you do them correctly.

The popping/clicking in the ear is also related to lower neck muscle invovlement. Chances are your tounge is not funtioning properly, and lower neck muscles are getting involved with the swallowing action, this in turn brings muscles into the ear into play.

Again this is happening to me.

Anyway hope this helps.

hi,im new to the tmj boards,but no the health boards,I have posted in the past on the inner ear forum .I am 26 years old,I just wanted to know if anyone has ear popping with there tmj,I have been lightheaded and somewhat off balance and dizzy since last nov. I have been misdiagnosed more times than I care to remember,and finally,I found that I have severe tmj,I am having a splint made by a neuromuscular dentist/oral surgeon. I am in a living nightmare,I have anxiety so bad I cant leave my house. I have ear popping that doesnt stop,jaw popping,headaches,un-explained ear aches with no infection,my throat bothers me,my neck and shoulders are constantly tight and basically classic tmjd symptoms. for some reason my jaw is pressing on parts of my ear. fortunately I am in new york and have acess to some dr.s who seem to know how to help,I am just praying at this point to get my life back. anyway ,all of you are a real help,just to read that I am not alone,though I am in reality going through this on my own. thanks in advance for anyone who reply about the ear popping,mike

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