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twiztid .. first .. welcome to the board. sorry that you are in pain. not knowing what is wrong can be particularly frightening. AND i have to say i'm really sick of the ENT who give those looks like 'everything is fine.. are you crazy'. DID THEY TEACH THAT AT ENT SCHOOL?

although no one here can tell you for sure.. it does sound as if your symptoms are very much in the tmj category. everything you listed are the same symptoms that the people who post on this board are having.. a lot of them include me too.

and i would suggest you not take the FLonase anymore. I had such problems with that recently. When I got my cold (again) and my ears filled up with fluid.. my doctor tried to give it to me again. I told him how I had such a hard time with it and apparently from what he says .. it's strong medicine that works for a lot of people but has a LOT of side effects. Something less potent help your symptoms more but take a little more time.

after having said that, i'd have to say that you might not need any of that at all. do your ears feel full or are you having a cold/flu with definate fluid in them. if they say there isn't fluid there, then you might want to look more into the tmj thing.

now having said that.. you are on a new quest. the thing about this condition is that what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for another. certain doctors who claim to be tmj specialists can do more damage and leave you in tremendous pain. i'd first get a doctor/dentist to diagnose you.. then read read read the posts on this board before doing anything so that you can make informed choices. surgery too early can be a bad thing. there are other options out there.

anyways .. sorry to ramble .. sorry to hear you are in pain. good luck on your quest.


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