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I was diagnosed with a TMJ disorder last week after almost 3 months of pure pain and illness after getting my back upper wisdom teeth out. I had NO PROBLEMS AT ALL with anything like this prior to getting my wisdom teeth out...
since then I have missed work on numerous occasions b/c I was ill (nausea, dizziness, etc), or in severe pain (ear, head, neck), or had to go to a doctor (I went about 6 times to doctors), or had to go to a specialist, all to find out in the end that it was my TMJ.

even as I type this email the left ear is throbbing, my neck is sore, my hearing is very tunnely, and my head is pounding..this is normal for me now.

is this just a sad but possible outcome of getting wisdom teeth out, or was something done WRONG during the surgery to have caused this?? I am afraid I am going to have these major probelms for life now, even with the new bite guard I have to get now...yes my teeth will be saved, but I will still be in PAIN!!! ALL THE TIME!!

my denist never came out and said the TMJ probs were b/c of the tooth extraction, but I find it VERY COINCIDENTAL that from the moment they came out I have had NOTHING but problems and pain for almost THREE MONTHS NOW...I KNOW it was the surgery that did bite was perfect, dentists told me that all the time!!!

any advice????


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