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Hi All. I am 22, a college student and have had an open bite for the past 10 years or so. We tried to close the open bite thru orthodontic work but now I have 2 mm of an open bite still left. So, that's some background info. Now here are the symptoms I've recently been experiencing...

- Swelling of lymph node (went away after taking antibiotics)
- Pressure inside ear
- Discomfort around neck area (sometimes)
- Some blurriness in vision
- Headaches localized behind left ear
- Tiredness
(all discomfort/pain is on the left side)

I have NOT been experiencing the following:
- Clicking of jaw
- Jaw locking (I CAN insert 3 fingers into my mouth without any pain)
- Discomfort/pain when moving lower jaw side to side
- Fever

I have seen 2 oral surgeons, 2 periodontists, 2 endodontists and 3 dentists in the past two months and they all feel that my gums and teeth are healthy. However the 2 oral surgeons said I may have TMJ...and unless I undergo 1 year of orthodontic work plus orthognathic surgery, I will have TMJ. So my question is, is this TMJ? If so, what is the treatment? Also, when does the diagnosis become clear? So far no one is telling me I have TMJ.

Thanks for your help!

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