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I've wondered if some people might have more than just TMJ problems which could create your symptoms. I wondered if poisoning from dental amalgams (or possibly root canals) would cause this. I've written on the TMJ board before, as some may remember. I didn't have problems with TMJ, but I had these symptoms.

1) Headaches (intense after tooth broke and exposed the one mercury-silver dental amalgam filling)
2) Tingling of Hands (after tooth broke and exposed the one mercury-silver dental amalgam filling)
3) Urinary problems - nearly always had the sensation to go - no problems apparent after doctor visits
4) Muscle pains, near the joints - mostly on legs when trying to run
5) Chest pains, occasionally near the center. I could alleviate the pain by taking deep breaths and expanding the chest cage. Calcium pills helped too.
6) Lower back pain
7) Loose teeth
8) Gum disease
9) Unexplained skin rashes
10) Muscle pains on shoulder, neck, and upper back near shoulder blades

These are the ones I can remember off of the top of my head. You may not have any mercury-silver dental amalgams, but I write about it from time to time, in case I might help one person. Being sick is so fun. Sorry to hear about your troubles.

If you didn't have exposure to mercury, maybe other things could be causing you problems. For me to cure myself, I had to go outside traditional care. For within traditional care, they don't know enough about the toxicity of mercury from dental amalgams and from many other sources.

After being told to not run more than a hundred yards in 1978, I now run nearly 20 miles a week. Lately, I've been experimenting with cilantro with success. This week I pushed myself too hard, with additional exercise and my muscle complained some. So, I have to slow down. But, I've made a complete turn-around, since the days I cared to not to see another day. I've been there. So, I understand from that perspective.

It took me years and years of experimentation with diet, herbs, and toxins to finally figure it out. I hope that whatever you have, that you keep searching and that you don't give up hope.

For me, prayer helped too. I wouldn't give up, and I believed in the power of repetitive prayer, according to my beliefs. Finally something happened. It was a miracle of sorts, that my tooth broke and I got worse - pointing to what was causing me all these problems. It was one of my first significant clues. That was about 10 years ago.

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