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Thankyou Cymy Sue,
My story is rediculously long LOL! To make it short after 3 ENT, 1 Gastroenterologist, 1 dentist who told me I was a clencher, 2 endodontist, and 2 oral sugeons I am so frustrated and in pain I want to scream. I broke my 2 back molars which were pulled last week after 4 months of pain in my jaw and down my neck. Someone decided to do an X ray. Go Figure! Found 2 cracked teeth but still having the neck/throat pain that starts at the ear behind the lobe and runs down my thorat. Have that lump feeling in my throat and it is driving me nuts. Also ears always filling full then popping. You would think the Dr that says I clinch and knows about the broken teeth and pain would think of TMJ. It is amazing when I mention this to Drs they say oh those are not symptoms and when I found this sight ALL the symtpoms I have are mentioned. I think my muscle is in spasm and that is causing this pain that runs down the side of my throat or neck area. I will check with the list and thank you. If anone out there knows of a good Dr here in the central FLorida area please let me know
Thankyou Susan

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