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The dizziness was horrible. It was so bad that I was becoming afraid to do anything. I thought allergies/sinus problems were making me dizzy but it was tmj. It was like this wierd rocking motion like I was on a boat, and kinda floating.
It is from your equilibrium being off/jaw being out of alignment.
Hello Everyone,

Thank you so much again for these immensely helpful and detailed responses. I will get my balance tests done, but from now reading your responses, my TMJD diagnosis and also some research I've done in to menieres and tmjd, my ear symptoms (and other symptoms) are much more of a match for TMJD. I am heartened that my ENT didn't think I had this, and that my hearing was tested twice and is currently 'excellent' but it preys on my mind that I never had the ENG/caloric tests. Having said that, even if I were to have abnormal ENG/caloric results, I would still pursue tmjd treatment. Fibrine once posted an excellent article about a study in Sweden where menieres patients were treated for tmjd and showed major improvements. Although it actually made me wonder how many people are misdiagnosed with 'mild menieres' or 'atypical menieres' and have no such thing. If these patients improved with tmjd treatment is it not possible they simply HAD tmjd? I read a statistic, I have to admit I can't remember it exactly, but it was something like 1 in 20,000 people actually have menieres and 1 in 2000 people believe (wrongly) that they have menieres.

Micheal V - great info, thank you, I will be trying out some of the things you mentioned. My lower back went in to massive spasm about a week ago, which prompted me to finally call the cranial osteo centre that my acupuncturist recently recommended. During the first session the cranial osteo mainly took a detailed history, and did an examination. Because it was killing me, in the session time we had left, he focused on my lower back, and I have to say a minor amount of work made a major amount of difference. He said, based on an examination that he feels he can help me, we will be doing a few sessions and taking it from there. If I am unhappy with him for any reason I will look in to the man you recommended in Tooting - which is actually not that far from me. There is no question in my mind that my back and neck are part of all this. B.T.W - I am sure you are already aware of this, but I became aware of my neck worsening during sleep, I purchased a special ortheopadic pillow from a specialised back shop in London. Fantastic, it looks weird (bit like a strange car seat) and was not cheap, but it was worth every penny. Certain of my symptoms got obviously better very quickly after sleeping on this.

Crystall, I initially experienced a similiar type of dizziness to the one you describe for about 4 months, weirdly it eased up at 6 months and pretty much went away completely. I am surprised to find myself differently dizzy again now. Although fortunately I have never experienced true spinning vertigo, just a slow somewhat vertiginous sensation. There is a small chance it was the 2 weeks of drugs I was given by the dental hosp (and came off ten days ago as they were concerned by the dizziness ) which lists dizziness as a side effect, although it should, in that case, have cleared up by now. I also think my otologist suspected anxiety - I think he hesitated to say it as I could see he was flummoxed by the persistent ear pain - I don't think he would find a psychiatrist anywhere who would list intermittent excruciating ear pain as an anxiety symptom. He simply declared me a 'mystery', he clearly hadn't heard of TMJD! Had he looked closely at my file he might have made the link with the yr and a half of excruciating facial and sinus pain (no infection) I experienced 4 yrs ago which I now realise was my first bout of tmjd, it went undiagnosed, I was a 'mystery' then too.

By the way, to those who were mis diagnosed by ENT's I read some excellent info recently which listed the different levels of specialisation amongst ear doctors. I was surprised to see that regular ENT's are required to do no extensive study in to the inner ear or dizziness. Otologist have done 3 yrs of further study, on top of ENT training, in to the ear, then after that, some people go on to do a further 3 yrs training in to the relationship btwn ears and the brain/dizziness - these people are called neuro otologists. Basically, if an ENT is dealing with a complex dizzy/ear problem, they should really direct someone onto an otologist or preferably a neuro otologist, who is actually much more qualified to give a diagnosis. I imagine it is through ENT's that some people end up with these anxiety/mild menieres misdiagnosies. It seems how much an ENT knows about the ears and dizziness is a matter of luck, especially when it comes to TMJD. I would hope that neuro otologists and otologists are more aware of the relationship btwn tmjd and the ears.

Tiffany, I guess you could get balance tests done, but I read all of the posts on here, and so know how many problems you have with jaw pain. From everything people have written above it seems highly likely that your balance problems are related to your tmjd.

Diane, thanks again for your response, and also all your postive messages regarding your treatment, it is always fantastically heartening to hear of people making improvements.

Vincent, I think your oral surgeon's assertion that dizziness is not common with tmjd has been proved, (as you already suspect) wrong by all the answers above. I have been reading your posts and agree with others when they say you should avoid surgery if you can.

Pinky Priscilla, thank you again for your contribution, I too sometimes feel like I'm rocking (on a boat) horrible, isn't it? Although it sounds like you are talking in the past tense, so I hope your dizzy problems have cleared up.

Stacie, I am also curious what your ENT diagnosed you with? What did he say about the hearing loss?

Thank you again, everyone, this board is so fantastically helpful.

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