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Thanks amateurdoc!

I have occasional flare-ups but I'm doing much better. Thanks for telling me about the type of splint Benoit uses. Sounds like the one my general dentist uses. The problem with my diagnosis is that everyone has given me a different one. I always thought an MRI would give a diagnosis. I'm not so sure anymore. I guess it would at least tell you about soft tissue damage and the disc. I'm wearing the night guard splint as much as possible now. I'm trying to let my muscles heal and not stretch the ligaments. Not only did I have a lot of dental work, I've been under anesthesia 4 times for medical conditios in the past year. Anyone of these things could have caused problems in the TMJ. I now know that if you have TMJ you should let the anesthesiologist (spelling?)...the peson that puts you to sleep, know and they can accomodate you so you don't have to strain the tmj joimts. So, that'something for all of us to know. Amateurdoc, I have the same situation with my TMJ as everyone else does, we need to be pain free. I just live with the aches and pains, although I never know from one day to the next how I'm going to feel. I could do without any of it. I've been to dentists and most of them judt check my bite with that blue paper and grind on teeth to try to even out the bite. Well when you're muscles are tight and you have knots and muscle spasm in your face, your bite is completely off. So, what feels ok in the dentists chair may not feel right when the muscles calm down. Then the tmj flares up because the muscles are all out of whack with the jaw. This is why they tell you not to get dental work done until the muscles are relaxed. I had crown work that was done incorrectly, which put me in the worst pain cycle you could ever imagine. I haven't felt comfortable with my bite since. Anyway, I'm posting to long. I sincerely wish you and your wife the best. She is very fortunate to have such a caring husband.
Take care!

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