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Hi TC, GenDen, Cheryl, Diane, Julie, Arleen and everyone else!

Thanks for the posts and good wishes. I sure hope he can help me. My doctor said he couldn't order me an MRI and suggested I go to an oral surgeon. That's the last place I'd go ...they would want to do surgery and I'm not doing that. The popping of my joint is getting louder (only i hear it) and now it's sore and a get a mild headache that doesn't last long. So, I guess it's good timing. I'm pretty posttive it's displaced with reduction, I'm really hoping a splint will help because I don't want it to get worse or get to the stage of crepitus or jaw locking. The popping has been getting worse. I'm starting to get mild earaches too.

Julie- The name of the neuro is Dr. Abeles. He sounds very accomplished. You can find him under the alumni search on the LVI website. There is also a link to his website. I checked out the one in Chattanooga too, There are also a few others farther away in Georgia. I am thrilled that he is so close and has so much experience. I just hope he's as good as I want him to be. I really need to get this ptoblems with my bite and dislocated disc stabilized.

TC - Don't worry about the splint. Call your doctor tomoorow and push for an appointment if you have concerns, That's what you are paying him for,

Oh, and everyone don't go by that LVI list, I have found that a lot of them have taken courses and have the scan machines, even though they don't say so on that list. From what I was told todaym in order for them to call themselves an LVI graduate ....They have had to have taken all the courses. So, if they have just taken a few, they are not LVI dentists.

I also had an unusual call today. I was thinking of going to a neuro in FL. They were really nice and I would have gone if i hadn't found the one in Atlanta.
BUT, I also called another one in Florida and they called me back. They refused to give me an appointment and unless I gave them the names of the dentists I have seen, so, the neuro dentist could talk with them before seeing me, I did not like that at all. I explained that I had some bad experiences and moved on and preferred not to bad mouth the dentists. I said i had all my x-rays but they would not set me up unless I gave them the names of everyone I saw before the appointment. I'm not going there.

Please, Please, Please everyone tell me that splints help the tmj joint from clicking and popping. Everytime it happens I think more damage is happening,
Yes, Arleen it's me stressing out again, I don't grind, but, I do worry. My joint is probably shot by now. yikes!

Well everyone I have laundry to do AND MY APPOINTMENT IS VERY EARLY, Yikes! Atlanta commuter traffic!
Take care everyone!

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