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Re: TMJ Specialist
Jul 1, 2003
Hey, I thought I should update you all on my NTI/Migranogue.

I've worn the device almost 24/7 for over 3 weeks. There was improvement within the first 2 weeks (only headache related). But now the pain is on the right side of my jaw (it was only on the left) and I am currently experiencing migraine headaches on both sides near the back of my head. IN addition, I can hear faint crackling noises in my jaw when I talk. So, long story short, the device only gives short-term relief. Now onto another specialist...

I went to a TMJ specialist in Tarzana (Dr. Keropian)who took x-rays of my skull. He also ordered an MRI. Unlike the other specialist, he noticed that my condyles didn't go thru the entire cycle (it stopped right at the bone) and that they were worn down. He thinks my disks are displaced because my jaw deflects to the left. He's charging me over $3,000 for the exam, splint, x-rays, additional tests and 6 adjustments. I can not afford this kind of treatment but it appears necessary as I feel helpless and depressed being in so much pain. As odd as it sounds, I envy my peers who are currently studying for the MCATs without any pain. I am now pursuing other careers that will give me less stress and more/immediate money. I'm sorry if this sounds like I'm whining...I'm trying not to. I just feel that there is no hope. I have a 4 mm open bite and don't believe splint therapy will close the anterior open bite that possibly created my TMJ problems.

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