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Re: DianeTMJ
Jul 4, 2003
Hi Diane!

My appointment is next week.

I have major crackling too. It started at least 6 months ago and it has gotten louder. I crackle A LOT when I move my neck and head. When I swallow, without moving my head I crackle too. The crackling also sounds like it is in my ears. Sometimes my ear hurts for awhile and I get a headache like pain that shoots up the side of my head, then it goes away, I have a lot of phantom TMJ pains.

So, what made your crackling go away? Was it something the neuro did. I was thinking that I was stuck with this for the rest of my life. Nothing I've done so far has helped it. Sometimes, after a massage it seems like it's not as bad, then it starts up again. How long did your crackling last before it went away?

My husband said the same thing you did, If it was bone to bone, he says I'd be in major pain and probably making all sorts of noises that I could hear.
Just like I hear my displaced disc popping. He thinks I'm going to get better and wants me to go to whoever can help me. My husband does not understand TMJ and wonders why I'm still in pain after going to all the doctors. He cannot believe that someone hasn't been able to help me, when I spend so much time getting treated and going to doctors visits. I think it's hard watching someone you love suffer. Maybe I do have arthritis though. I could see it in my neck, but, my TMJ joint? After 4 foot surgeries, I have arthritis in my big toe ...but, outside of a little scar tissue's liveable. Nothing that $525 orthotics couldn't take care of. I pick those up next week. It's a good thing that my husband wuvs me a whole bunch! Maintaining me is getting expensive. Gosh, the good old days when maintaining me meant trips to the day spa I go for tmj massages and PT. Makes me wonder what my 50's will bring!

TMJ can make a person crazy ...ha ..or are we the sane ones and the wanna be tmj specialists the crazy ones?

I've been thinking that my right tmj is fused bone to bone and all day long that side of my face has been aching and tight. Do you ever get the feeling that your jaw is about to pop and your mouth is too small for your teeth? I wonder if that's the muscles pulling?

Right now there is a war going on between my teeth and muscles, The jaw is an innocent bystander, who's being pulled in all directions.

Well Diane, Al and cute little doggie ...Enjoy the rest of your 4th of July weekend. Sell a lot to the tourists too. Gosh, I miss my shop. After i sold it, I would have to go by it everyday when I took my son to school. It took my awhile before I stopped checking out the display window!

Take care!

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