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Hi again everyone!

I said I was going to stay off the computer, but, this is the only ploace that I can seem to get some experienced answers. I am also going back on meds today.

Here's the situation:

I've been to numerous dentists and specialists like you all have. I toted my pano's to every one and no one ever said there was a problem ...until i went to a Prostho and was told she thought there was some joint remodeling and less disc space, maybe flattening of something, and MAYBE bone to bone. These were speculations for the most part. As usual, I was anxious over this. Then I brought the pano's back to my general dentist and he showed them to an oral surgeon who said everything was fine.

So, now I went to the neuro. I thought my major problem was the facial pain amd a displaced disc. Maybe I'd need a splint and some dental work. On my second appointment, he said he heard crepitus in my right tmj (that I thought was the good one). Then he had the assistant set me up for sonography. They had me put discs over my tmj's and then I had to open and close a lot and the machine was recording my joint noises and the results showed up on the computer screen. I was told that there was a lot of noise in my joints. The assistant said there was more coming from the right tmj (the one I thought was good) than the left one (that pops). She said that I could have a displaced disc in the left tmj too. It doesn't make any noise, never has from what I can tell. Then she said because they are both connected, one comepensates for the other sometimes. Then the neuro comes in and says not to worry and he'll do the test again next week. So, of course I'm worrying. Crepitus means arthritis or disc degeneration right? The neuro gave me his home phone number, so, I called him yesterday to ask him about the sonography and the crepitus. He did call me back, but, I wasn't home when he called. We are playing phone tag.

So, if there is a problem with arthritis or something else and I just have a mild ache (which I think is muscular), do I just treat it like any other type of arthritis? I've read where after a couple of years the pain subsides and the joint remodels to accomodate. I have complete range of motion.

Also, now this seems possible to me. If I have extreme crackling in my neck & up the back of my head, is it possible for those noises to show up on the sonography tests? The tmj's are so close to the ear and neck anyway. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but, I'm wondering if that's possible.

If there is a problem with my discs, I'm wondering if I should go through the neuro therapy. The cost of my treatment will be well over $4,000 and then there will be dental work as well. I do need the dental work done, but, I'm concerned that the splint may not be the best thing for the arthritis. It would help the other disc though (maybe).

What I've read is the best thing you can do for an arthritic tmj is to rest the jaw. I don't know if splint therapy is the best for it.

So, here I am again. I think I'm getting the right treatment and then something else comes up.

Do many of you have crepitus in your joints? What did it mean for you? Is it possible to just have it from the muscle inflamation? I can hardly hear what the doctor was talking about. My neck and head crackling are loud as ever though. I never asked anyone if they can hear it though.

Right now I can open and close just fine. I'm concerned that if an oral surgeon gets ahold of me he'll want to do surgery. I would think I would have to be on real strong pain medication and have a locking jaw or aomething before surgery was considered. I do have a tightness on the left side of my face. It's pretty uncomfortable at times. The jaw almost seems like it's fighting the muscles sometimes. I have had some crackig in there too. I was hoping this was muscular. But, i have had times over the past few months where it feels like my left tmj kind of locks up when I'm sleeping on it and then i hear a loud pop or shifting when I get up or roll over in bed. It almost feels like the whole left side of my face moves with me

So, who out there has had similar problems, concerns, or diagnoses?


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