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Dear sweet Arleen!
You really know how to make a girl laugh! I know such fretting today about all of our friends! Yep, I slept like a baby until the alarm went off. I STUMBLED to the shower and woke up a little bit. The drive was so pretty, not NEAR the traffic I thought was going to be on the road. Well, I am driving with these WIRES stuck to my face and neck, of COURSE, police keep driving by, people at stop lights looking at me, so you know what I do.... I start singing and dancing in my seat like I am listening to music! HA HAHA HA

Okay CHERYL! Hellllooooooooooooooo we are waiting........we sure hope all went well today!
Okay, after he put that splint in the first time, remember I had to go back two days later because I was hurting so bad... well, it was because my muscles were so messed up. So he opened my bite vertically, to give those muscles some room to stretch and relax. That adjustment lasted about 4 weeks. Then he did the adjustment that he really really built it up, that was to open my mouth even more, give more room for my muscles to stretch. So all this splint has done is to help relieve the muscles, get them out of spasm, NOW that they are out of spasm, he is going to now build me the splints to move my jaw forward... (I like to call it my free face lift)! The one during the day I will eat with all that stuff. Then the nighttime one, will be geezz, I think we were so carried away with the daytime, I am not sure on the nightime, just that my SNORING will be coming to an end! You could see the relief in Al's eyes when I told him! I will have to get more detailed answers on that one too. I am so sorry, dang it! That is why I need Al there, he is so good at that stuff.

The breathing through the nose happened when he put the impression in my mouth that he just taken and asked me how it felt and I realized my gosh, I am breathing through my nose! Now with my current splint, I still breath through my mouth. I can't WAIT for my new splint!
I will say DR B did not say anything about the bite shifting when lying down, but I will get all of that confirmed.

Okay, I have been wearing a splint since about the first week in May I think. When he first put the splint in he told me about 6 months to get stablized. Today he said once I get these new splints in, anywhere from 4-6 months. After that, we may visit doing restorative work, or just stick with the splint. The way I feel, I am already stablized but that computer doesn't lie and my trep muscles are still real tight. What really bugs me is the calcium build up on the back of skull, that is where I use to get some real weird pain too. I wish we had a way to scan images and put them on the board. Wouldn't that be great!
My history in a nut shell. First of all, Dr B says, that I most likley have always had TMJD but it never flarred it's ugly little head until the following happened.
Went to hygen for cleaning, she cleaned out a cosmetic filling be my two front teeth, then had me sit in the dentist chair for a filling, bad, bad filling, hurt, hurt hurt. Went to 2 dentists before one finally xrayed and saw this terrible filling. CLeaned it out, filled it back up again. But by then, the hints were there, something not right, ghost pains, weird stuff. After filling, about 3-6months no pain, then it came back, sometimes radiating to my lower teeth (bad filling tooth was right upper back molar). Went to the dentist, thinking crown, root canal, without xraying said he had to pull the tooth, I requested 24 hours, he said no, pulled the tooth and it has been DOWNHILL since!
Saw every kind of dentist you can think of, referred here, referred there, last dentist fit me for a soft nightguard, upper, went back 3 weeks later thinking for a check up and they hand me a referral slip to another dentist, saying I had TMJ and they couldn't help me, I felt like I was a piece of dirt when I left there, like uuuugggghhhh she has tmj. I called that guy, DIDN't like them, called my hubbys dentist and is how I found out about nueromuscular dentistry. Found DR B! I think I am at about 13 dentists, excluding Dr B. BY the time he saw me back in April, my symptoms were:
Fullness in right ear
Ringing in the ear
Pain in the ear
Pain, right side of my face,
Numbness right side of face, running down jaw line to right corner of lip.
Shoulder/neck pain
Vertigo queasy stomach when that happens, not an upset stomach, just queasy.
Eye Pain (behind the eye, like being stabbed Sensitive to light
Sensitive to noise
Droopy eye, right eye
Headaches, forehead, all over head
What I thought were sinus headaches
Ghost tooth pain, back upper right, sometimes spreading to lower back teeth but not as strong.
Right lymph feeling swollen
Crackling sound in ear
Crackling sound in neck
Watery eye right one only
Blood shot eye, right one only
Problems with vision in right eye
Temple area pain. (
Soft food diet as eating hard things really irritates and makes symptoms worse ... still on soft food diet
Brain fog -
rolled shoulders -
Shakey/jitters -
light and noise sensitivity

Okay, so now I want your story Arleen, where it started, where you are. okay?!

Oh! Crystall! Thank you for the reason for two splints! I just couldn't remember! Thank you thank you thank you! Diane

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