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Re: Amateurdoc
Jul 11, 2003
Hi TC,

I'm not on-line very much lately. I've been trying to focus away from the tmj problems and be a little more active with my family. It's hard, but, I'm going to get better. I think of it as mind over matter sometimes. I have to stop focusing on this stupid displaced disc. Sometimes I wonder if I'm subconsciously making it hurt. It wasn't hurting before I started reading so much about tmj and all the terrible things that can go wrong. I was just going through life popping and getting my therapy for the tight muscles. Now I have ear symptoms, and some other things. Boy, do I wish I only had what I used to have. I know that this is a great support group. But, I also think there is something to be said for feeding off each others pain. When we keep talking about the pain and the symptoms and how terrible it is ...How are we supposed to get better? My soon to be 80 year old mother said to me the other day ...stay away from all these doctors...why do you keep going?...All they want to do is get money from you to buy new cars and go on vacations. She told me to go out and take a walk in the fresh air and take an aspirin. My mother has had jaw pain, but, she works it out herself. Actually, she never had problems at all, until I started to have tmj and would tell her about it. Talk about a mother taking on the pain of her child!! She's such a love, I can't wait to see her next week.

Well TC, I don't plan on being in pain with TMJ when I'm 80. I'm counting my blessings for what symptoms I don't have and trying to deal with the rest.

I'm hoping that the neuro will be able to get my bite comfortable, so that the displaced disc is stabilized and I can go on with my life. I'm hoping that I won't be sore in the left tmj anymore and that everything will die down.

I'm not in PT anymore. I'm going to hold off on tmj adjustments, and I'm cancelling the tmj massage until my left ear calms down. The liquibid I took seemed to clear the right ear up I need to stay on it, drink a lot of water and hope the left ear clears up. I'm only having problems with it, when I swallow. Maybe it is related to my sinuses.

The crackling has stopped in my neck. I only have the crackling in my skull when I move my head around. I started giving myself a scalp massage last night and that semed to be helping somewhat. My husband said everyone's head makes crackling noises when they move it back and forth. Then I read a website about neck exercises that said you would hear a crackle while doing the exercises. Last January I had neck x-rays and there was no arthritis. My chiropractor doesn't think I have arthritis. I just know that the crackling started getting louder and more frequent in February. I find it interesting that so many people with tmj have this crackling going on. There is definately a connection between the neck and the tmj. TC, ask your chiropractor about the crackling. Most will probably do x-rays of your neck anyway. Let me know what the chiropractor says. You have some of my symptoms, so, it would be nice to hear another point of view.

I started the Glucosamine again. My chiro said that would take care of some of the crackling. I'm just wondering if the sonogram didn't pick up our head crackling. I really don't think I have arthritis in my tmj. I have no pain there, no clicking, and most people would hear a grating sound or something when they open and close their mouth...I hear nothing in the right tmj.

I've been drinking tons of water (body weight divided by 2 ..drink that many ounces), it's supposed to help with the facial muscles, I'm also taking vitamin E, vitamin C, B-Complex, Magnesium (AB-calm), Calcium, Syn-flex...and a very good multi-vitamin, that I got at the medicine man shop. I'm also taking flax-seed, selium, lecithin, and some other nutritional supplemrnts. We all need to take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and nutritionally. I really see a difference between when I get depressed and do nothing for myself but dwell on the pain (it's worse & my muscle spasms are worse) and when I take the time to eat the soft foods, take the vitamins and supplements, & get a good nights sleep (take something if you need too...have your doctor prescribe something to sleep, drink some herbal tea, take a hot bath, whatever it takes to get relaxed and get some sleep). The doctors that treat tmj can only do so much for us. We still have to take care of ourselves, even after we are in splint therapy.

I am not an advocate of surgery. I think when we are in pain, we can make some wrong decisions. The doctors are as confused about what to do for us as we are. I think all of us will find our own way of surviving our individual tmj problems. Whether it be PT, Chiro, Acupuncture, Massage, splint therapy, neuro, braces, or a trip to a surgeon. TMJ is something that we will have to maintain.

Personally, I'm hoping that my neuro will be able to help me. Once my disc/bite is stabilized and the dental work is done ...I should be fine. At least that's what I'm praying for. Then, I can go back to a real spa with real massages (instead of PT and tmj massages). I'm just hoping that I'm able to really enjoy this much needed family vacation.

I think you are making a good decision going to a Chiropractor. Sometimes the first visit is a consultation and they don't always charge for it. Ask questions. Maybe even check out more than one. Some are conventional chiropractors and some are mixed. The ones that use a mixed therapy usually are the ones that favor nutrition, massage, and other therapies that will compliment the chiropractic. Let them know your concerns. There are many things a chiropractor can do to help you. It's not always just about cracking your neck or back. I hope your appointment goes well.

Well I better get my son to gymnastics practice.

take care TC!

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