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What I'm referring to is the treatment steps On Dr. Chan's website. He says he does this on the first visit, that on the second visit and so on. I have had 4 visits (2 were chat sessions), and now we are down to let's get a tomogram and see if I can treat you. It's going on 5 weeks since my treatment. I'm frustrated because when I first started treatment I did not have a joint that would pop and click when I ate. Between the exercises, ultrasound, tens, and all the poking of the joint and exams, I now can barely open my mouth before I click and pop. I also have inflamation, that I'm trying to get down. There was no pain before I started going to the specialists. I even think the nightguard that the general dentist made me caused more stress on the tmj's. I should have stopped when they got the muscles spasms and face pain under control and ran for the hills. Of course, it didn't help when I was playing around with the joint and exercising it too much. I think treatments have made me worse. When I asked the neuro if he could help with the clicking and popping, he said yes. When I brought my husband to the last chat meeting, he said he could not guarantee anything and if the splint didn't work, he would just take me out of it. When you read the LVI website they make it sound like they can reposition the jaw, the disc falls back into place, and everyone lives happily ever after. So, for now, I am trying not to focus on the tmj joint, resting my jaw and I've cut out the jaw exercises altogether. I'm treating the joint like a bad knee or something. I'm hoping that maybe things will tighten up if I don't talk alot, open too wide, and give things a rest. Maybe this is wishful thinking, but, it's worth a shot. I don't even know if I should go to the oral surgeon next week, that my general dentist recommended. My whole Summer has been tmj specialists, PT, Chiropractic (which I've been going to for 8 years, but, not for my jaw until recently), and complete preoccupation with the tmj joint. TMJ has become my life. I've lost over 50 pounds since December. I hate to eat, because I'm so worried about the popping when I open my mouth. Now I have pain and sporadic headaches, I never had headaches before. My chiropractor (who's a dear friend), said that I'm tracking straight with my jaw and the popping is just a little pressure in the joint ...others say a displaced disc. My chiroprqctor wants me to stay away from the tmj doctors and internet for 6 weeks and let things settle down. People are worried about me. My life has become tmj. Last night while sleeping on my right side, I began hearing the loudest screeching noise ever. It scared the heck out of me. So, I rolled over on the left side, put my finger in the right ear a few times and the noise finally stopped. I never had that before either. Not like that anyway. I was really scared that it wouldn't stop. I think that would have put me in the funny farm. I was really hoping that the neuro would help me like Diane got helped. But, he now says he doesn't know if he can help me. It depends on what the tomogram shows. I'm confused about the sounds on the sonography and the crepitus he says he heard. I had both chiropractors take their stethescopes and listen to the joint, they heard nothing in the right tmj. Neither did the PT. I've never had a problem on that side either. So, I don't know what the neuro heard with the stethescope or what the sonography means. But, if he can help me, he is talking about a respositioning splint and braces. That's what a general dentist would have done. I thought he could do crowns, or something, but, he said they can't do anything but the whole mouth reconstruction which would cost $48,000 or braces. He assured me that they wouldn't have to break my jaw to do braces ...but, I'm concerned that I'll get to that point and then the orthodontist will tell me jaw surgery. I should have lived with the non-painful clicking/popping. Now I'm getting other symptoms and I'm not convinced that some of it isn't my body getting symptoms because that's what's supposed to happen with tmj. The pain is real, the symptoms are real ...but, so is the fear of the unknown and getting worse. I think the doctors contribute to our pain and symptoms by not being able to offer treatment that works and also making us wait so long for treatment. This morning I wound up in my chiro's office in tears. I felt like I was at the end of my rope. I am going to a counselor they recommended tomorrow. Before I let all the doctors get ahold of me, I was just going to chiro and PT for my sore face and recovering nicely. Then I decided to become an information junky about tmj, searched the internet, joined the boards to talk to others, and after 2 months I believe I am worse off than ever. I've spent thousands on treatments and consultations and I am worse than when I started. The one thing I am grateful for is that I've learned surgery is not a good thing for the majority of us. Also, the people on the boards have been wonderful. But, if I continue on this path, I will wind up having surgery at some point. Sometimes I wonder if that's not part of the tmj money game. Everyone is there to help. The dentist makes you a nightguard and refers you to the oral surgeon who refers you to PT, then you get all kinds of splints, chiro, massage, bio-feedback, botox injections, orthodontics, counseling, anti-inflamatories, anti-depressants, muscle relaxers, wow it's amazing how many specialists there are and how much money we have to spend to get well. In the meantime we're getting more depressed, and stressed out and just plain scared about our futures and pain. There are studies that say that no treatment has the same results as treatment in the majority of cases. I'm beginning to wonder if some of the treatments I had didn't make me worse off than before. I really wanted to believe that I would be cured like Diane. Maybe there is a reason why my general dentist, 3 PT's, and chiropractor all have popping and clicking tmj's and live with it. They just watch it and live and let live. I used to think they were crazy for not treating it and waiting to see if it got worse. I thought I was doing the right thing by treating things early before they got worse. I also figured that because of their professions, they couldn't wear a splint and get the right kind of therapy. I'm basically working from the house, so, I was ready to wear a splint and get my tmj problem fixed. Well, what I'm finding out is that is not as easy as it sounds. So, now I'm worse. When I began, I never heard any noise when I ate. I can't say that now. I'm tired of trying to find a good tmj specialist. This is probably the hardest condition to find sucessful treatment for. Just my opinion. Navy

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