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TEMPORAL TENDINITIS has been called "The Migraine Mimic" because many symptoms are similar to migraine headache pain. Symptoms include: TMJ pain, ear pain and pressure, temporal headaches, cheek pain, tooth sensitivity, neck and shoulder pain. Treatment consists of injecting local anesthetics and other medications, a soft diet, using moist heat fermentations, muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory medications, physiotherapy, etc. Only rarely surgery is needed.
ERNEST SYNDROME. This TMJ-like problem involves the stylomandibular ligament. This is a tiny structure that connects the base of the skull with the mandibular (lower jaw). If injured, this structure can produce pain in regions of the face, head and neck, TMJ, ear, eye, throat (especially when swallowing), lower back teeth and jaw bone, etc. Treatment of Ernest syndrome, which is successful about 80% of the time, consists of injections of local anesthetic and medication (steroids), physiotherapy, the use of an intraoral splint, styliodectomy etc.
OCCIPITAL NEURALGIA. This disorder is characterized by pain located in the cervical and posterior regions of the head (occipital areas), which may or may not radiate into the sides of the head and into the facial and frontal regions. There are two major types of occipital neuralgia: lesser occipital and greater occipital. The lesser type is more common. The symptoms are : the pain may or may not be limted to one side, pain radiation from back of the head onto the sides, temple, cheek or forehead, pain above and behind the eye, severe light sensitivity, nausea when pain is severe, and pain radiating into ear, shoulder and arm.

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