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Hi mdla,

Sorry to hear you're having a rough time. I have been reading several posts regarding tens and increase of tinnitus. I too am a novice on the subject and seeking remedies for what I can take as well as do's and don'ts.

Do hope it will stop soon.

Thank you mdla,
it was truly a busy day for me and I enjoyed every moment. There were moments when I forgot about the tinnitus until Mr. TMJ said I wont let you forget me. the pain began then the popping and crackling in ear opening and closing. (lasted about 10 mins).

I was diagnois(sp) with Tmj 1988 and every now and then a little pain until 3 months ago when I awoke with the ringing. Since then I have had multi sounds in the right ear, pressure, fluid, popping, crackling
dizziness, very bad jaw pain, sinus infection and allegies. Now it's also the left jaw and ear. Ive lost 35 pounds.
I cant find a dentist who treats TMJ and my doctor hasn't been helpful in finding one which accept my insurance. Stress and depression have set in. Panic attacks is my middle name. Its hard trying to maintain a sense of humor.

No medication was ever given.

Did you have to purchase the Tens or is it part of Tmj treatments?

Diane, at 56 I could use a wrinkle reduction machine.

Take Care!


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