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There are many threads of discussion on surgeries in this forum. If no one has told you about the "Search Feature", it's at the top right. You click on Search and then you can type in the procedure and all of these threads will be pulled up for you.(I'm sorry, I see that I did mention it earlier)

I tried to find a thread where just this procedure was discussed, but most have many different subjects included, so I thought you might just want to browse through them.

I did bump up 2 Topics that might be of interest. This will help you decide how serious this decision should be.
Elaine has posted a standard consent form for TMJ Surgery that we are required to sign here.
Topic: "Surgery Consent Form....Wow"

I also bumped up a post I made about surgery and included this form, plus some other information.
Topic: "Surgery..The Longest Post you've ever read"

It is quite long, but will give you some insight on TMJ surgeries that are performed here in the states, the risks that are involved and the problems you can be left with, permanently.

I did have very respectable surgeons with these procedures, they just went terribly wrong. This can happen with any surgery.

One thing I did not mention, is that I was prepped for arthroscopy twice. The first time, they, for some reason changed their mind and cancelled the surgery.
The second time, they told me right before the surgery, they had decided to do an arthroplasty instead.

I have not had an arthroscopic procedure, per se, but have discussed it at length with 5 different surgeons over the years and have been told all of the positives and negatives, because I was supposed to have the procedure twice. From some of the posts I've read and in talking with people who have had arthroscopic failures, the damage is about the same as with an arthroplastic (open joint or arthronomy)procedure. I just have 3 inch scars, where they do not.

I hope this information helps you and your friend.
This surgery does carry the same risks as all other surgeries and unless it is absolutely needed, should not be considered lightly. It is surgery and it's surgery on your face where the possibilty of nerve damage is very real, along with many other problems.

Jennifer is absolutely right about the surgeon. If this procedure is unavoidable for your friend, she needs to find the best surgeon available.

Take Care,
Cymy Sue

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