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You asked me what I meant about having possible inner ear damage. In 1972 (19 yrs old) I had an appendectomy and after surgery I Immediately had imbalance, blurred vision, headache etc. These episodes would last for about 6 weeks at a time and continued for many years. The dr's could come up with no diagnosis so I was left to cope. IN 1983 I had an ENG test done and the result read "could suggest peripheral problem, left sided. Right beating Nystagmus. No central indicators. Sounds like BPV but no evidence to support this" Again no diagnosis! In 1994, I saw a neurotolist and another ENG. This time "suspicion of stroke or damage during or shortly after surgery. The fact that there is spontanious right beating nystagmus suggests the problem is more central than peripheral. Could involve the early relay points within the brainstem. Mild high frequency symmetrical sensorineural hearing loss. Brain stem testing normal." Two different tests, two different conclusions. At that time I had ear fullness, ear aches, tinnitus, disequlibrium, jaw locking, panic attacks, hypercusus, post nasal drip and ginding of teeth. Still no treatment or cure. Just go home and cope. In 1996, my condition worsened and was put on Paxil 10mg and believe it or not I felt wonderful for 4 yrs. In 2000, I underwent a stressful time and awoke one morning with extreme vertigo which I never had before. Dr diagnosed labrinthitis (generic diagnosis) and a course of antibiotics. No cure! I was referred to ENT twice and he diagnosed tmj so that is why I am pursuing this route. So far it is the only help I have received in 31 years. I can only hope and pray that treatment for tmj will be the answer I have been seeking.
I have read that paxil can cause jaw clenching, however in 1994 I was not on paxil. I have a dentist app't on the 17 and dr app't on the 14 of Oct and will definately ask.
I personally feel that I am dealing with inner ear damage and tmj at the same time. I think that over all the years I suffered from all the symptoms and all the dr's I saw were not prepared to admit that someone messed up during my surgery for fear of medical malpractice.
I think if I can get the tmj under control and minimize life stresses I can once again cope with life stresses. Of course being older I can avoid the bar scene, concerts etc. I really feel for all you young people because missing out on those kind of things has got to be hard!
Wishing you success in your pursuit of diagnosis and cure!


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