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Hi, I am new to this board and am pretty scared because I've been to a lot of doctors and don't know what's wrong.

I have had this funny feeling in my left cheek for about 2 months, like as if I had stuffed some cotton back there a la Marlon Brando. It is also swollen. I don't feel or see any distinct lumps, just a general swelling from around the parotid down to the submandibular area.

My primary care physician gave me antibiotics, said it was a lymph node, and gave me a referral to the ENT if it didn't get better.

The ENT told me to put heat on it and drink lots of fluids and come back if it didn't get better.

My dentist did a bite wing Xray, ruled out an abscess, said I had TMJ and says that it can cause swelling. I have no locking, popping or pain symptoms however.

Keep in mind that during all this time nobody did an Xray or an MRI.

I went to an oral surgeon who says it is parotid hyperplasia. The panoramic Xray showed no evidence of TMJ other than flattening of the condyles. The bite is aligned. However Xrays don't show tumors, is that right? He told me to suck on hard candy and massage the salivary glands.

I did an MRI last week and am very anxious waiting to get the results.

Last night I noticed what feels almost like a tendon in the area between the inside of my cheek, and my gum, in that groove. It's not a round lump or movable, it almost feels like a swollen muscle, it's long and firm and goes back to the hinge behind my molars.

Does TMJ cause swollen tendons or muscles in the mouth? Could this be a tumor? I am so scared and I am terrified of getting the results of the MRI. I don't have any family here other than my mother who is in a nursing home and has no idea that I've been going through this.

Hi PC82,
Welcome to the board

First take a deep breather and try to relax, don't psyc yourself, it won't help.

I don't want to be biting your doctor in the ass but heat or warm pads can only make it worse (if it's an inflammation)
Can you reach the swelling from the outside of your cheek? If so try ice cubes instead.
The cold will increase the serotonine levels in your blood helping to decrease inflammation, BUT not longer then 2 to 5 minutes.
I know it will hurt or make it feel irritated but it helps believe me. Also remember not to hold it against your teeth.
I have a node on the outside of my jaw aswell, and docters can't seem to agree whether it's a salivary duct stone or a swollen lymph node, but they do agree that removing it can only cause more problems in the long run. So I leave it long as it it doesn't start to hurt.
I have the node for as long as I can remember and that's about as long as I have TMJ pains, but it's not neccesarily connected.
Lots of people who are stressed out have jaw muscles which are very tense, my PT theorizes that because of my muscle tension the node appeared. Due to lack of whatever...
My point being, don't get all worked up, the stress won't do you any good. There are lots of things that can go wrong with the human body, but how wrong it can go depends entirely on the person him/herself

Take care, and keep me informed

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