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Exactly that happened to me, just when I was driving home from seeing a maxillo facial pain specialist and feeling a bit more optimistic, we went higher up into the mountains and suddenly I registered I couldn't hear and then I had pain in my ears, we went down slowly and the pain went but after that both ears felt full of fluid somehow and were ringing. That was also the point at which my neck started clicking for the first time (so I wonder if this is connected to the ears) and my eustachian tubes (I guess) were popping a lot. You mum should have closed the windows! My teeth are more senstiive from grinding, I think a splint has really helped this,I hope it does for you too. I feel that this ear response to an altitude change constituted a bad tmj day, the ears did slowly calm down, but I was annoyed with myself for not avoiding going higher in the mountains, I didn't even think about it affecting me till it was too late. I learnt however from my friend that if you puff out your cheeks and keep air in your mouth it can help your ears not to be affected by pressure change, also doing this, and holding your nostrils closed whilst blowing hard with your nose can clear the eustachian tubes.

I'm sorry that happened for you.


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