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I guess I will go...

My first and foremost symptom:

*ear stuffiness
*radiating ear pain
*radiating jaw pain
*jaw locking
*Tight mouth
*Sore teeth
*sensitive to cold and warm(teeth)
*Jaw joint soreness(when pressed on)
*Jaw locking
*jaw clicking
*jaw popping
*hard to chew
*tired face
*and basically that is it
Just list em`!!! :bouncing:
im embarassed by how long this is... :|

Ear Pain and Problems:
+ Right ear pain [minimal]; Feeling of fullness in right ear

Eye Pain and Problems:
+ Bloodshot eyes [allergies?]
+ Drooping of right eye lid [genetics?]
+ Light sensitivity
+ Watering of the eyes

Head Pain and Problems, Facial Pain:
+ Forehead pain: Between eyebrows [dull ache, feels tight]
+ "Migraine" type headache: Starts as dull ache, gets worse within 5-15 minutes; one sided: around & behind eye, TMJ, facial, temples, neck muscles all hurt, light/noise/smell sensitivity, nausea
+ Muscle pain: Masseter feels full, big, and sore especially on right side; Side of right neck [sternocleidomastoid?], right cheek [masseter?], ear burns, feels hot; Jaw tired and sore in morning; Along jaw line also hurts, tender
+ Posterior headaches, back of head
+ Base of skull: muscles ache, tired, tender
+ Temporal pain: Ache; when have a migraine, it pulses

Mouth Problems:
+ Inability to open the jaw smoothly or evenly; jaw deviates to one side [“zig zags”]
+ Opening: 3 fingers and a bit; used to be only 1.5 fingers, but osteopathy helped

Neck and Shoulder Problems:
+ Lack of mobility - reduced range of movement
+ Stiffness; tired, sore neck muscles
+ When turn head to right too much, facial muscles become aggravated

Teeth Problems:
+ Grinding at night
+ Open bite caused by a limited use of a NTI splint
+ Sensitive teeth to cold

Throat Problems:
+ Frequent clearing of throat: feeling of foreign object in throat

TMJ Problems:
+ Clicking, popping left TMJ; right TMJ doesn’t pop [permanently anteriorly displaced?]

+ Bad posture
+ Don’t wake rested; in the daytime, extremely tired/fatigued, brain fog, difficulty thinking, concentrating
+ Face unsymmetrical
+ Generally, every day pain is at a 2-4, but it becomes worse or I develop a migraine after doing physical activities, eating, smiling, laughing, laying or sitting the wrong way, or doing anything *fun*
+ Mouth breather

- saaraah.

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