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HI Alex -
Oh I am sorry you are not getting relief from the ear symptoms :0( That was just about enough to drive me nuts.

Yes, all of my symptoms are gone but being exhausted, which I feel is slowly going away. Well, now I did notice that I am getting overwhelmed when there are too many people in the gallery (we have a small gallery). The balloon fiesta is going on right now, a lot of people here. So I do not know if the sense of being overwhelmed is due to me being tired or perhaps there is some hearing damage from my TMD??

My daytime splint which I received back in August has not been adjusted since then. They did go ahead and do a re-line on the inside of it because they thought it was too loose when I took it out for them to work on the bionator Wednesday, his assistant caught that one when she saw me pop it out with my tongue! Oh Diane, that won't do! I didn't want them to do anything to it, but I had not choice and it feels the same, just more snug. I also had my teeth cleaned on 9/29 and I am sure that helped with my teeth moving :0( I thought at first it was the material as well Alex, but now understand the movement of my teeth is what the issue is. Alex, I have been struggling with gum/bone loss for almost 15-20 years. I had 14 bone grafts done last fall in hopes of stablizing my teeth and of course that dentist said that would take care of my referred dental pain... he did not know I had TMD, neither did I until March 2003 and of course did not take care of my referred dental pain and just made me worse. I wish that it was quicker for you Alex. I also know that seeing a chiropractor helped as well, she would adjust my first rib and do some adjustments on my skull area, I think that helped with the ringing too.

Shoot Alex, I wish it was going better for you. I do remember when I first started with my first splint, I would get noises in my joint when I would chew, not when I spoke, but when I chewed. I wish I could remember how long that lasted for to perhaps help you with a timeline.
If you have any questions, just let me know Alex. I know until we found my dentist, my husband was willing to go anywhere in the world to get help for me, we were just fortunate to have the help so close by. It would have been worth every penny, every moment away from home, to get help.
Alex, are you keeping a journal as to how your symptoms are daily? I wish I would have done that, but I just wasn't thinking to clearly back then, you know?
Take care Alex, and again, any questions, just let me know.

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