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Oct 15, 2003
For about 5-6 years now, I have been dealing w/ undiagnosed,unmedicated Anxiety/Panic disorder, It has been horrible, I have extreme symptoms..the list too long to write down..
For the last year or so, I noticed I get pains and extreme uncomfortable tension in my neck,my face,jaw,around the ears,eyes.. It gradually got its a constant pain and unease.
Me and my father thought it might be my wisdom teeth impacting, that was causing the pain,cause they were pretty impacted, But we got them pulled and the pain is still constant...So I was confused and REAL frustrated on why I was having this extreme pain ...I was clue less...
So I went on yahoo search and found a few articles that seemed identical to my problem...they were articles on TMJ, This gave me a big releief cause I
was confused.......
but now I have no health insurance, and when I tell people (my father,brother,friends) about my problems,,,they tell me " its in your head"
So Im stuck now on what to do, Im 21 year old male by the way, Im real glad I found a site like this to express what Im feeling.. This disorder is making it real hard for me to get up in the morning and live my life... When people Tell me its life and you have to "just do it" I get real upset cause Its not life, no one should be dealing with the Pain and tension in there face, I can barely see straight, my vision is soo blurred, my appetite comes and goes,,,I sweat alot,I find myself "bugg-eyed" cause im soo tense,My face flushes bloos red,the veins in my head and neck throbb,I shake,I cant sleep, When I do actually fall asleep i need to sleep 12 hours,When I wake I have tension headaches (every morning) maybe some better than others, but its constant,,,,,on top of all that...This TMJ,
Sorry for the long whining letter...but I just needed to say that
Thanks Tony

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