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Hi all. Well, after months and months of being on the inner ear I am. I went to the ENT today and paid $60.00 for him to feel around my jaw, look into my ears and in 5 minutes tell me that my ears are perfectly fine. He told me that I have TMJ Disorder. I have had a ton of fullness in my right ear with some pain. Tighness on that side of my head too. The other day I had swollen glands behind my ear going down my neck. It seemed that got that way after blowing my nose a few times. He did not seem to care about that. TMJ does make sense...I mean, that side of my face (and ear)was bothering more when I left his office from all his prodding...and it always bothers me after I eat...even if it has been ok all day. I don't get it though. My ear definetly feels like it has air pressure in it. I can pop it all day. And right before they pop I can hear the air blowing through them. Some days I have really bad headaches as well. The kind you would get from standing in the cold all day. And sometimes just in the back or top of my head. I don't know..I thought maybe it was sinuses or allergies..and that this was a result of Eustachian Tube Dysfunction but the meds make no difference. Just make me tired and sometimes make the headaches worse. Also...I tried to explain to the docs that I never had ANY ear problems until my family doc irrigated my ears with water to flush out ear wax. ENT says there is no water, fluid or excessive wax buildup in my ears. No hearing loss either. It has gotten alittle better since I wuit smoking. At least the dizziness has gone away. Could TMJ Disorder really cause all of this??

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