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Hi Michelle:
It's so funny you would ask about when I see Dr. LaFerla next. I acutally saw him today because last Friday night my crown fell off and when my dentist cemented it back on he did not get it seated in exactly the same place it had been seated before so I was hitting really hard on my splint on one side. I could tell it was not hitting right and I didn't want to wait because I was afraid it would mess my treatment up. I bet everyone on this board would be as terrified as I felt. I'm telling you Michelle, I was amazed at how scared I got. I was almost immobilized with fear that it would throw my bite off and cause me to lose the ground I have gained with my splint therapy. I bet nobody other than those of us who have TMJ know their mouths and their bites the way that we do. I mean I don't know about the rest of you guys but I can tell the slightest bit of change inside my mouth. I'm getting to where I hate it because I feel like a freak. Dr. LaFerla said it needed adjusted really bad and that it was a good thing I didn't wait and went ahead and came in today. I am thankful that my TMJ did not flare up with this whole incident. This stupid crown has fallen off about 4 times and my dentist showed me the crown after he had cleaned all the cement out of it. The dipstick dentist who put it on used a porcelain crown on a back tooth and my dentist said porcelain crown should never be used on back teeth. Some of the porcelain chipped off the crown some time ago and the crown now has 4 pin sized holes in it. I could not afford a new crown so he went ahead and recemented it. I am saving the money and I hope to get some at Christmas and that will make up the difference. I can't tell you how much I dread having that done but if I don't I will pay later so I really don't have that much choice. And I will have a couple of months to work up the courage. I see Dr. LaFerla again Nov. 12th for an adjustment. I am still doing very well with my treatment. My pain is down to about a 2 and I am so very thankful for that. When do you see him next? Hey, did you see that HUGE pumpkin he has in his office for his patients to guess how much it weighs? He does the neatest things for his patients. Tiffany and Cheryl both told me to put in a guess because he is giving a gift certificate for the mall so I put my guess in. If you go in you should most definately put a guess in too. I know exactly what you mean about keeping busy and trying to keep your mind off any problems you have. I try to do that too but sometimes I get so darned depressed. It's a tough struggle sometimes.

You know Michelle, getting another MRI might not be such a bad idea. I would most definately want one before moving forward. You have invested a great deal in your TMJ and I think that's a very wise idea. If you aren't sure of what to ask at your next appointment you know people on this list are great at helping you with questions. They helped me a great deal putting together a list of questions. And Michelle, don't let Dr. Bolding make you feel badly about yourself. I wouldn't waste a moment telling him how I felt about him taking my money then when I am still having problems telling me to buy a book and lose 20 lbs. I sometimes am not the person to take to appointments because I am brutally direct. But, whatever you do just don't let him do that to you ok and do let me know what happens at that appointment.

Oh yes, the weather has been so nice here. It's hard to believe how nice it is for this late in October. I don't look forward to the cold weather though. I hate the snow. We've been working on projects around our house getting it ready for winter, painting the trim on the house and repairing any rotten boards, stuff like that.

It sounds like you've had my kind of luck with doctors. I know exactly where the Bentlage Building is. I see Dr. Harwell, he's in that building too. The best doctor I have is Dr. Porte. She is an excellent doctor and a wonderful person too.

Have a great weekend too and do let me know what happens when you see Dr. Bolding.
Hi Michelle:
I had some trouble posting yesterday too. I'm wondering if the problem isn't just that the internet goes too busy.

I asked my dentist office if I could make payments. The receptionist is very nice and she said he does do payment plans but they want half when they do the preparation for the crown and they wanted the rest paid off in like 2 months and I couldn't afford that high of payments so I had to wait. I'm not sure if they would make a special allowance for me or not. The receptionist was practically crying herself because as soon as I found out I needed an new crown I started crying because I knew we did not have the money. It's just an awful feeling. I did explain my financial situation to the office and those at the desk totally understood and were very kind to me. I'm sure you know what I mean. I think that once a person has had so many problems with their teeth and after a person has suffered with TMJ for so long they get to a place where they are terrified of further problems. Like you have had surgery and are terrified something will happen to cause your disc to slip out again. I have finally got to a place where I am pretty comfortable and I am terrified that something will happen to throw that off again. I'm sure that only those living in such fear can understand another who lives in that fear. I know I totally understand all that you tell me. I live those same fears myself and I know first hand how awful it is.

It's so true that while that crack might seem small to the assistant, it most certainly is no small matter for you. Being how I am I would probably say that to them. That I realize it seems like a small crack to them but that I am terrified it will break and my disc will slip out again. If I am feeling terrified I tend to let them know that's how I feel. I get totally overwhelmed when I am terrified. I hope that makes some sense. Oh yes, I would be most interested to look at your splint and I don't think they are icky but I think most people would not be interested in looking at it because it probably would gross them out. I realize that our splints are very important to our health and quality of life.

Ok, you know how the chairs are set up in Dr. LaFerla's office. As you walk in Nancy's chair is the one on the farthest right side straight ahead, The chair right next to Lesa's chair. She has brownish/ blonde hair. She is very nice. I always enjoy being in her chair. In fact I asked her to set up my next appointment in her chair and she did. Cheryl is really nice too. She did my first appointment as well. I really like her. She's always got a smile on her face and is always kind.

The thrift stores I usually go to are the Salvation Army (next to the old Wal-mart) and the Veteran's thrift store on 7th across the street from the old Sear's plaza. I usually go to these two on a regular basis. In fact, I ran into a girl in the veteran's thrift store one day who was wearing a upper splint and we got into a converstaion about TMJ. I never get to Carthage at all. Does your mom live in Carthage?

You know, I never even asked if I would have an upper splint when I get my braces on the bottom. If I have to have one I will get used to it though. I will do whatever it takes, short of surgery that is. But, that's a good question. I think I will ask that next time I see him.

I think you are being very smart getting another MRI before starting braces. If nothing else Michelle, it will give you peace of mind that your disc is in place before you move on to the next phase of treatment. Peace of mind is worth alot to me. I think you are right that you might not get comfortable and will at some point decide it's time to move on to braces but having that MRI prior will ease your mind so I say definately do it.

Michelle, whatever you do just don't let Dr. Bolding make you feel bad at your appointment ok. That's most important I think for you, OK.

Do you plan to hand out candy on Halloween?

I hope you have a good Halloween as well. Hang in there ok.

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