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My case is as follow:

1 month of persistent symptoms, which are ringing in the ears (bilateral), some odd sensation/feeling in the area of the jawbone, under the jaw, below and behind the ear. I might have swollen lymph nodes underneath the jaw (hard to tell with all the sensation), and have not had a fever at all but feel hot sometimes...the ringing is constant but not too loud, around 8000hz freq.

I have been on a course (7 day) of elequine antibiotics, which did not affect symptoms. Hearing test shows some left loss from 4000hz up, and I have been scheduled for an AVR. I have numerous extant si-joint issues from an injury last year, and stress has been plentiful in the weeks leading up to this. 2 ENT's are out of ideas in diagnosing this.

The ringing can be affected by putting pressure on area around ear, heartbeat, etc.

Any suggestions on whether this sounds like TMJ, or any other guidance would be greatly appreciated![/QUOTE]

Hi there - could be TMJ or could be high blood pressure, or even idiopathic tinnitus (meaning who knows?). See a TMJ specialist to rule out TMD.

Good luck,
Katie G

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