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I'm sorry you have this, it sounds to me as if you have been experiencing a lot of muscle spasms, does your jaw feel tired and tremulous? I know if I get spasms (which is fairly often with certain triggers like noise, vibration) I feel sometimes my teeth are almost chattering too unless I hold my mouth closed and teeth apart, hard if you have a tired feeling jaw. But the tired out of control feeling is kind of normal I realized, if your muscles are all 'working out' in spasms, it's not so different from having weak trembly arms after carrying something very heavy, or trembly legs after running. If you have this most after waking it seems to mean you are grinding your teeth in your sleep. But
I can't know quite why your jaw should be causing the spasms, do you feel you have a good, stable bite? Do you notice you grind or clench your teeth at night or during the day too? What caused my tmj was my bite becoming unstable (teeth meeting at different times when I close my mouth, molars on right too low now), I also have ground and clenched my teeth for a long time but I think the unstable bite is more of a factor for me (then if your bite is unstable it can make you grind more as your teeth look for contact). I did find after diagnosis that deliberately not clenching or grinding, when conscious anyway (!), and using heat too helped with spasms a lot. I think finding a cause if possible for your jaw issues is important, it can help so much with knowing what to do to cure them.

I don't know how the specialists can be sure your tmj is fairly mild, if your jaw locked maybe it means your discs are not in place, perhaps trying to assess this by getting tomograms done at least would be a good idea, if you haven't already. I really hope though things resolve and you do feel much better soon.


Thanks Isobelj,

I am guilty of clenchng my teeth together because the specialist told me that there was indents in my tongue because I was doing it so hard. I am going to try to go see another 'specialist' soon and see what he has to say. I am wondering if it has anything to do with my wisdom teeth. My bite does not feel stable and the wisdome teeth might be the problem, but I have been told that getting them out can make th eproblem worse.

What kind of treatment did you have ? R u still in pain ?
Heat is the only thing that works for me.


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