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I have not been officially diagnosed with TMJ but have had the symptoms since I was very young; popping, grinding sounds, locking, pain and fullness in ears, etc. My husband also said that I grind my teeth while I sleep. I have also had swollen lymph nodes in front of both ears at the jaw and one on my neck below my jaw for 6 years or more. I have had several doctors tell me that large lymph nodes are "normal' for some people and they did not express any concern with mine. My tonsils are also extremely large. My children, ages 10, 6 and 3 also grind their teeth and they also have large lymph nodes and tonsils. I was curious as to whether swollen Lymph nodes can be caused by TMJ. Also, maybe unrelated to TMJ, after eating spicey foods I get severe pain under my tongue and in the area of my nodes on my neck below my Jaw (from ear to ear). Could any of this be related to TMJ?

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