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When the ears get plugged or have a feeling of fullness from TMJ disorder, what specifically is the cause? Is it fluid in the ear and if so what causes the fluid to develop? Is it a bone pushing on the ear? Is it something else?

Around January 1, I started having all sorts of TMJ problems that I never had before. I think this time it was brought on by teeth clenching. Mostly, my left ear is driving me insane. It's plugged or something. At first I thought it was earwax but I had gone to an ear specialist around Christmas and he said there was very little wax. So then I thought it was fluid because it feels like fluid is moving around in there. But now I'm not sure. Every time I go to sleep my ear gets worse. It's better when I'm awake. I've been taking Tylenol, Advil, decongestants, and antihistamines. Nothing is helping. It would be nice to know what's causing it so I can maybe find a better way to "fix" it.

Also, I have this clicking sound in my ears sometimes when I swallow. Is that my Eustachian tube opening and closing or is it something else?

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