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Ear Pain!
Jan 31, 2004
I have severe pain in my right ear at night that started several years ago. At first I thought it was an ear infection because it throbbed, etc. and I went to my family doc and then to an ENT. Perfect ears and hearing, but ENT said I probably clenched at night and didn't know it. I thought that was silly but soon realized he was right when I developed many symptoms of TMJ (clicking, popping, aching, catching) and my ear pain problem continued, along with the stuffiness in my ears.

Does anyone else wake in the middle of the night with strong throbbing ear pain? What do you do about it? I am considering getting a splint - do you think this will help the ear pain? As I understand it, the ear nerves and jaw muscles are closely connected and the ear pain is related to the clenching/TMJ. Does this sound right? I definitely notice that the ear pain and jaw soreness/TMJ symptoms coincide in severity.


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