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[QUOTE=Ohiochick]I have not been to the Dr.
LONG story why I haven't
I am positive that I have TMJD along with FMS.
Anyway I have been having "Sinus" problems for about 2 weeks now
I was running the vaporizer and taking sinus meds and they were working.
So it is possible I had a little cold.
I have been putting off going to the Dr over my "cold" because all of the other times they have told me that there is nothing wrong with my ears even though I am in such great pain.
I come home crying in defeat.
I use a numbing ear drop to quiet my pain.
These last two nights the drops don't work.
I used a heating pad and some muscle relaxers.

But I am wondering if any of you have problems getting comfortable and sleeping when you are in a flare.
Are you in constent pain or do you have flares?
Somedays you are ok and others you are in grave pain?


I have pain pretty much all the time. Like a moderate ear ache. Sometimes the paintis much worse. The pain seems to build durring the day depending on the weather and how much talking and chewing I do.
At night I use Serenitol, I got it over the internet(just type serenitol into the search engine and it should take you there) , it really helps sleeping, but I haven't noticed a lot of day time relief from it. Durring the day I use Ibuprophen and an Ibuprophen/codine mix 750mg that I can take up to four times per day. Heating pads are good. Also you can use a pressure poing. Just push on the joint and around the joint using pressure to ease the pain. I've also tried using a vibrator on the joint and around that side of my face and head. As long as the pain isn't too advanced and the vibrator isn't too intense it works pretty well.

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