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[QUOTE=Katie G]Hi there - I hope my first attempt didn't go through. I was typing my response, and accidently hit a wrong key, and suddenly my post was gone. So if you get an incomplete message, sorry - I'm starting over.

First of all, I have fibromyalgia too, and it's difficult for me to separate the symptoms of TMD vs. FM, but I think I've got a pretty good handle on what's what.

My TMD symptoms are (or "were" depending on the progress of splint therapy):
1. Jaw joint aches/pain/tenderness from clenching or after long periods of chewing/talking - this is much reduced from treatment
2. Jaw joint fatigue - much better now
3. Headaches starting in the face or at the temples and worsening throughout the day. - better now
4. Waking up with full blown headaches - rare
5. Neck pain radiating up into the back of the head and down into the shoulder blades - still happening, but less
6. Limited mouth opening (when I first started treatment, it was at 26mm for maximum opening; I'm now up to 38 if I really force it)
7. Jaw popping, cracking, clicking during chewing or mouth opening - just soft clicking now
8. Occasional ear ringing (but I also have high blood pressure and tinnitus can be part of my FM too) - minimal
9. Grinding my teeth at night (my husband said it was all night long even when he'd attempt to wake me, I'd go right back to doing it) - better since having splint in 24/7
10. Molars especially, but other teeth that are ground down beyond normal wear.

There's probably more, but I guess that would be my "Top 10 List."

Katie G[/QUOTE]

Do you have clogged ears like fluid in there all the time? Do you get dizzy or vertigo with it? I do and it is driving me nuts. I cant take it. Allegra doesnt work, on xanax right now and I feel like I am drunk all the time. I hate this. Please help.........I dont have pain in the TMJ all the time. I do have popping and clicking etc. and the disk dislocates. My main symptoms are the ear stuff, dizzy and anxeity.

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