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[QUOTE=singer1]But wouldn't I have pain on the right side as well.....or not? My pain is ALL on the left side. What does one do for the pain besides IB Profin?[/QUOTE]

not necessarily. the body is a very difficult thing to understand, and it tries very hard to compensate for problems. over time, you could begin to develop pain on the right side especially if you get DJD.

you have to determine what type of pain you're having.. muscle relaxants [flexeril, skelaxin, etc] for muscular pain.. NSAIDs [ibuprofen, indomethacin, vioxx, etc] for inflammation/arthritis.. narcotics..

i'd go to a dentist/health professional and get their opinion on what would work best for your symptoms. massage therapy and acupuncture are good, too.

- saaraah.

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